Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Los Angeles: Land of the Future Part I

If Jules Verne or H.G Wells where alive today, not only would they be really old I'd say they'd be living in Los Angeles and working as screenwriters. Or at least they'd be trying to work as screenwriters. These men were not only masterful fiction writers ahead of their time, and the fathers of sci-fi writing, they were much more than that. They were futurists.

Their 19th century visions of flying machines, space travel and nuclear power set the stage for the digital age we live in today, thanks to those soon-to-be artists, engineers and scientists who were sent to bed with visions of their future worlds in their heads. Like Gene Rodenberry of Star Trek fame or for my generation George Lucas (70's Lucas mind you) it takes a creative mind without limitations to envision not only a world filled with advanced gizmos but a world filled with advanced people as well.

In the future ( yes I know Star Wars takes place " a long long time ago") people will be smarter, healthier and their dreams will improve upon the dreams of the past. It's easy for you and I to envision superhuman cloning or a telephone in pill form because both of those ideas are built upon something we already know about. But what comes next after every technological toy is too small to see and is cheaper than gum?

What comes next may not be as cinematic as a jet-pack or a laser blaster but what I can guarantee you is that somewhere, right now, some creative nut/genius is breathing life into our future via that wonderful time machine that we call fiction. The past is prologue as they say. Here's to the future.

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