Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So You're Moving to Los Angeles

Welcome to your new permanent home.

I choose not to say "home of choice" because most of you came here out of what feels like a calling. It is. As it was for us all. Sounds spooky but it's true. Brothers and sisters I encourage you to aspire to your greatest dreams and do the hard and honest work that it takes. Hopefully some day you will inspire the world.

I know you. You'd like to give something back for all those wonderful moments you had in that dark theatre, transported to that wonderful world where everything is as it should be ( even when it's not) and the story wraps up in flawless three act structure. Life is also in three acts, in hindsight that is. So, lets count your first day in L.A as the second half of ACT I, of the Three Acts that make up your entire life. Proceed from here with a Buddha-like smile and a flat-belly full of confidence. Always be making something, writing something. Do your due diligence just like a "normal" person. It's the only thing "normal" that is expected of you, so count yourself lucky you're not an 19th century coal miner and proceed to greatness.

Nurture your talent and make good friends you can rely upon. Always keep up the momentum, yourself healthy and above all -- remember to love someone, not just your aspirations. Now that you're on the path all the secrets of the Great and Terrible Oz are visible to you. The movies may never inspire you in the same way now that you can see the seams but don't fret. There is a payoff. True love. While revenge is a great motivator for creative success true love allows you to share yourself and your dreams with someone. Without that love, now that the clockwork of movie magic is laid bare before you, who will inspire you now? With a bit of luck, constant work and the support of countless others, you too can make a life here.

Always remember though, just being here does not count as following your creative dream. Common mistake. Try to avoid it and those that don't above all.

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