Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Weather Arrives in Los Angeles

Fall may have officially begun a few weeks ago, but the weather is just catching up. It was so nice to wake up this morning to cool, crisp air and no trace of the searing sun we've been living under recently. Two days a week I work out of an office in North Hollywood, where it's regularly been reaching triple digit temperatures. Driving to work, I've achieved a ridiculous tan on my left arm, which I typically hang out my car window (when I'm trying to save gas by not running the AC). But today, temps topped out around 70 degrees, prompting me to officially switch over to my fall wardrobe.

It looks like temps will increase in the coming days, but they're not expected to exceed 85 degrees, which is a nice reprieve from the exceedingly hot weather we've had of late. Though I love the hot desert heat we get in Los Angeles during the summer months, this east-coaster still appreciates the change in seasons.

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